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Vision Mechanics are to walk Scotland's first giant puppet around the UK.
Big Man Walking, is a spectacular street event. He's an 8 metre high giant man that will walk through the towns and villages of Scotland.

He will be an awesome sight as he walks through our streets, watching and filming you and your performances and offerings, shakes your hand, waves to the crowds or blinks his big eyes in your direction.

This project is supported by The National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council's Inspire Fund.

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Myth of the Big Man

“Many thousands of years ago when Scotland was a rough country of boulders, vast forests and wild beasts , people lived in fear of everything, even the shadows...






Download free Myth Booklets illustrated by different artists, below:

"History & Mythology of Big Man Walking" by Adrian Barber

"The Giant who fell from the Sky" by Gill Chantler

"The Myth of the Giant" by Jemima Thewes

"...and to our land he fell" by Laura Yasmina Knight

"The Legend of Big Man Walking" by Mina Braun


"Jewel of Scotia", composed and sung by the children of St Andrew's School on Bute


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  • Big Man Walking will be making his way through the streets of Glasgow on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July, as part of the Merchant City Festival and to kick off the city’s Olympic celebrations. "...the hairs on the back of the next rise a little, at the sight of his great figure, surrounded b...
  • September 16, 2012
    Posted by Webmaster
    While browsing the internet, we came across this great blog post. Big Man is coming to town "...Sure there’s a few self-proclaimed ‘big men’ in Glasgow but there is only one Big Man Walking – a larger than life blue puppet who will make his way through Glasgow’s city-...
  • September 16, 2012
    Posted by Webmaster
    "Giant opening planned for city festival that towers above all the others" It looked like a scene from the movie Avatar as a giant blue creature took to a city street. However, the scene was not Hollywood; it was Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow and, rather than an alien warrior, the cerulean og...

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