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  • "Giant opening planned for city festival that towers above all the others"

    It looked like a scene from the movie Avatar as a giant blue creature took to a city street.

    However, the scene was not Hollywood; it was Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow and, rather than an alien warrior, the cerulean ogre was an eight-foot puppet kicking a football as part of an art installation.


    The occasion was the upcoming Merchant City Festival, which will kick off in late July and bring a series of arts events, including theatre, music, dance, circus and performance alongside visual arts, comedy, literature and family events.


    The five-day extravaganza will feature an artist’s impression of Big Man Walking, a towering puppet inspired by the old Scots myth of the giant. It will be awoken from its slumber by traditional Gaelic song, led by songwriter Alasdair Whyte, before parading around Glasgow for the public to see.



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