Watch the BIG MAN webstream live

What is it?


The Puppet Lab are to create Scotland's first giant puppet

Following the support given by The National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council's Inspire Fund, The Puppet Lab (in conjunction with Puppet Animation Scotland) is creating a giant 8 metre high man to walk through the towns and villages of Scotland. Big Man Walking, our gigantic figure, is a spectacular street event.



He will be an awesome sight as he walks through our streets, watching and filming you and your performances and offerings; shakes your hand, waves to the crowds or blinks his big eyes in your direction.


Community Festival

This is a Community Festival with a big, BIG difference. It offers an excellent opportunity for everyone to get involved and get noticed on an international platform and play your part in welcoming Big Man Walking.


Your World Platform

His whole journey will be filmed and broadcast world wide through the Big Man Walking web site, National Press and social networks.



How would you welcome this friendly giant to your area? Dance, music, song, film, street theatre, poetry, visual works, drama - or would you create something whacky and special? What would you want the rest of the world to see? Maybe something to amuse and entertain the Big Man - Do you want to be on the Big Man Walking website, Twitter, My Space, BeBo or Facebook? Maybe you have something already created and want to brush it up to let everyone enjoy. Perhaps the story and whole concept of Big Man Walking inspires you with new and fresh ideas, to display your talents and have loads of fun. Perhaps your own local Mythical and Legendary characters from your area may give him a warm and entertaining welcome. But above all else we have the talent, imagination and great energy to create a fantastic community festival.


Show Off to the World

This is a great opportunity to place your organisation and your area on a national and international platform and while we have some great fun, we can let the world see all the good things that make your local community a fine place to live.



Big Man Walking is about creating an artistic earthquake from thousands of small tremors: a giant spectacle of local events, community participation and free access. Who are we and “what is it we want this great visitor to see and remember?”


This project is about impact and enthusiasm. Well planned and co-ordinated by a skilled team of professionals, we will engage all social groups in creating an event that draws deeply from our collective unconscious and creates a connection that is our common humanity.


Innovation and development of puppetry within the fields of visual and performance arts has always been important to The Puppet Lab, and Big Man Walkingrepresents an exciting and awe-inspiring development with regard to bringing new audiences to puppetry.